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Please help guys! I'm new seller

Dear fellows,

A buyer has reached me from 3 different ids asking for so many discounts etc, then he finally orders from 1 of the id. When I delivered the work he cancelled order and asked refund, I rejected because I had put so much effort in that work, Now he just keeps on asking for revisions “WITHOUT REPLYING TO MY MESSAGES AND TELLING ME WHATS WRONG IN SUBMISSION” and has finally cancelled it today and he cant get any more revisions,now it says on order page that please contact Customer Support for resolution.

It has been 5 days I contacted Customer Support but still no reply, just got an automatic response and nothing more :frowning: . I’m worried now asbuyer frequently asked for more revisions without telling me what to do and what’s wrong with submission (because everything is totally perfect which I submitted), Now Buyer might go away with a negative review now then how would Customer Support help me?

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where from this buyer?
i mean where lives in your buyer?
i hope that you can solve your problem as soon as possible contact with fiverr customer support centre

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Naming countries or nationalities of buyers and sellers is not allowed on the forum.


Please immediately contact with fiverr community. I hope you will be able to comeout from this problem.

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I did 5 days ago, still no response :frowning:

Don’t worry. There will always be such buyers that have bad intentions.
Just always keep in mind you should write to Fiverr community and explain the situation on time.

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Is a buyer allowed to have multiple accounts? I thought that only one account is allowed. Just asking?

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oh sorry for this mistake

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It can take CS up to 10 days to respond with everything going on. They should be able to sort it out when they get to your message. Just give them time and don’t repeatedly send messages.

As long as you delivered the order as described to your buyer, the buyer can’t cancel just because he didn’t like the work. If you offer unlimited revisions, however, (I’m not sure if you do), then the buyer can keep asking for revisions as long as he wants.

It is also against TOS to have multiple accounts, so your buyer will likely be banned from the platform when CS looks into it.

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Contact support team


That’s just terrible. I feel that the best way to avoid this all together, is to contact support, which sometimes they do a good job or a bad job, but perhaps if you contact them, explain the situation and that you’ve submitted the order and that the buyer did not explain what went wrong. Perhaps, they’ll solve it for you.

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Thank you everyone, I was worried but now I’m hopeful :heart:

Contact customer support team

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Customer Support was really helpful, I’m really happy that the issue is resolved