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Please help guys

HI guys it is critical issue. I can’t contact fiverr, my 7 year account stolen my phone changed so i can’t recover my pass and my security question also. I tried to submit a ticket but my it say i should confirm my account which I can’t do. 100$ withdrawn yesterday!!

Please any one help. may a phone number to fiverr support.

Thank you

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Hi @kouklissa

Sorry to know this is happening to you. Here’s support email

Hope you can get this issue fixed.

BTW, how did you know $100 had been withdrawn?

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hi, thank you very much. i sent an email and hope they reply asap
it is shown from my earning page that 100 $ was withdrawn to payoneer and also from payoneer it was sent to his email. thanks god payoneer can be reached by phone and they are now blocking the transaction.

Ok, first thing first. You’re welcome ! :wink:

Next, I don’t understand how you can see your earning page if you lost access to your account. :flushed:

Third, did you tell CS about payoneer sending the money to this other user and giving CS the email?


I said : i can’t recover my pass and my security question also

I didn’t say: lost access to your account.

I can log into my account but i cant change my password . My security code and phone number and emails are all changed. I can’t edit them. this i mean i lost my account. I am still able to log in… also when i try to open a ticket it ask me to confirm my account by email and i can’t as it is pointing to another email.

Ok, thanks for detailing. Now I understand and am able to get the whole picture.

Try to be calm and wait for CS response, they might take 1 or 2 days to answer you. Hope they reply earlier though.

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I hope!! Bad no phone number to urgently call them.

Who would know the answer to your security question besides you?

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I think it is a phishing program on my PC. I find virus that was called" clean.exe. On virus total it shows password phishing malware :hot_face::hot_face:

I am under attack from yesterday. someone did order perfumes from my paypal ( 2 orders) i called paypal, I changed password and they reject those orders, I changed all my account pass but i didn’t think about fiverr because i was able to login in with no problem. i delivered a work today. I was alert when i saw that payment were withdrawn yesterday to payoneer, which i didn’t do.

That’s why, first, I spend money in antivirus security (ESET) and secondly, I keep my passwords on a secured archive and dont type them, I copy/paste them with the mouse whenever I need them.

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I also have avast security, I have malwarebyte and rogue killer. yes i type my pass manually… The problem is if he change the pass i can’t even log, and i don’t know why he didn’t

In the support it say posting as kouklissa ( my real email) when i confirm it say you need to confirm your account in red to another email which is slightly different from mine. (1 number less)

I can’t understand why fiverr has no chat platform for support or support phone number to call!

Did you get to send support an email to the mail address I gave you?

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Hi Yes, but no answer till now. It is critical situation and i am really stressed about it,
Really fiverr need to have call support!

Thanks god!
Your account is currently restricted by our Trust & Safety team. For more information, please contact Customer Support here.

Action taken. I hope i can recover asap. I can’t reply to ticket indeed. I see their reply on my email. very strange things.

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If someone saves there password in their web browser? Is it safe?

To change your phone number you have to enter your old one? I’m not sure but I thought so.

They wouldn’t know your old number.

Hi @kouklissa, good morning!

Good news Fiverr restricted your account !

Just keep contact with CS through email, whenever required, explaining the reason for it.

And if you don’t mind, please keep us updated.

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