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(Please help! Hope a Quick reply) Buyer doesn't place the order after did the job

hello, fivers!

I have trouble with some of my clients. buyers were giving me orders for a long time. But he asks to do them for a low price than my gig packages price.

Because he is a returning buyer, I did his work with my best. he said that he paid after completing the job and start without placing the order first. and when I asked he said that his friend will do the payment for me. After a new seller or another buyer will do the order placement. but for a very low price. (ex: If I said the amount is $80, he will place for $15). And when I asked why, he said that his friend(the actual buyer) told him to place the order for this amount. When I again asked why he told him like that from the actual buyer, He said " Don’t worry I will pay the remaining balance. I have some pending funds, and I will do the payment when it clear." And recently I did work for his friend and the work was given by the client that I said above. After the job completes, he said his friend was in the hospital and he had to handle the work. I gave him a discount because he said that he had an issue with funds. But still, I haven’t received any of the amounts. I sent some custom offers but he doesn’t accept them. I contact him several times recently, and he always said “I’m preparing your order”.

and the other client also did the same. but he did a $50 payment for the work of $130. I think he is doing drop servicing. Create UI designs from me and send them to another developer to make the app. and the final app will give to another client. he did 2 works. the remaining balance of the first one isn’t given yet, and for the second one also. He also said he had pending payments and when I sent the offers he also doesn’t accept them.

As sellers, do you have any experience like this? What should I do for this? I have to get about $300 from these two buyers

please advice!


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If I understand correctly the main issue here is you did the work before the client placed the order (Please correct me if I understood it wrong)

The thing is, Fiverr Support can only help you if there was an actual order placed for the amount you agreed upon with the buyer.

I do hope the buyer eventually pays the remaining supposed balance you are owed.

Regardless if this drop servicing or anything, just do a job only after the order is placed OR show a sample, put a watermark or some limitations to the sample you give to a buyer then only deliver the final product when an order in the right amount is placed.

Best of luck!


Thank you for the reply!.

I didn’t give him the source files. but the images with a mockup. (i did ui ux design). I don’t know he don’t need that source file

Oh I see. Hmm, you can kindly ask them again nicely that they should pay what you are owed.

I understand you placed some trust since he was a returning buyer. To avoid things like this again in the future just only do the work when there is an order in place. Don’t worry you’ll have many more excellent buyers to compensate for these difficult ones :smile:


Yes I understood! Many thanks for take your valuable time to reply my post

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You were scammed. That $300 is lost.


but they message with me

yeah, to scam you into giving them the work product?

You’re not a child. You can tell.


I gave one source file because he told he want it to send to the developer. else he couldn’t get the funds from the company that he got the work.

I told them. And some times I said I have to report your account to fiverr.

Report it and admit you were silly. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


You don’t do any work without an order in place.

And you chose to accept the lower fee - you could have said no and cancelled the order.

Your ‘buyers’ are abusing you and you are allowing it.


You’re so blunt!

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I hope you’ve learned your lesson not to start a job before the order is placed and to stand your ground on your fees.


But he is right and the OP is resisting accepting that he brought all this pain on himself.

Yes sure people should be honorable but at what point in the history of mankind have all people been lovely, kind & caring to one another.

Not protecting himself with wisdom has led to these lamentable outcomes. No point blaming the thieves as they can’t be changed - at lest not here & now. The OP can be - if he wishes to be.



No, I have never in all my years here did work for a lower price hoping they would be honorable and pay me the balance later on.

You have been snookered.



So if I am correct you did the work and sent it over before they placed an order. If that is correct then as far as I understand it is wrong of them to do but they should place the order before you do the work because of situations like this.

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Thanks all for taking your valuable time to reply to my post. I asked them again and again, I know they may have some money problem. As humans we respect others. but some are doing wrong with that thing. we can’t change their attitudes. as a seller, I trust their word and I wanted to do my best for them.

That’s not how Fiverr works or how Fiverr is meant to work. Buyer should place the order and pay the full amount before you start working. They don’t pay or come up with sob stories, you don’t work.

No, because I don’t accept to work for a promise of a future payment.

You can’t force them to pay, so the only thing I can think of is that, the next time either wants something from you, you send them a custom offer covering the full price of your work (no more discounts, no matter their latest sob story), plus the amount they owe you. If they don’t accept, you don’t do any work.

And stop being a doormat, or unscrupulous buyers will keep walking over you. You wouldn’t go to a store, grab a $310 item, and try to pay $50 to the cashier, would you?


Really Thank you for your advice! I also thought to do that as you said at last. That’s the correct best solution. Again thank you for your advice!

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