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Please help How to get more orders?


Would you please help me how to get more orders?
I need to know what am I doing wrong to avoid it.
Thanks in advance



Glad you asked. :slight_smile:

Your invoice-creating gig is your best-seller. It is also more value-added than some of your other gigs, so it should be a good opportunity for you.

Improve your gig image to include some work you’ve done, overlayed with your picture. They can’t see your profile shot (which is a very good picture) until they click in, but by overlaying your face on the gig image, you will stand out in the search. Also, spice it up with a 100% satisfaction badge.

Start your offers at $25. Fiverr is running away from $5 gigs. (The flagship category “Logo Design” has not a single $5 offer on the first page of the results.) If you can get your average transaction price up, you’ll perform better in the search rankings, which means you’ll sell more jobs because you charge more - a bit ironic.

Kill your two gigs with 4.7 stars. They’re not going anywhere, and they’re dragging you down when one looks at your profile.

Spend time on all your gig art. There is a stock-photo feel about all of yours. Look at what the category leaders are doing and spice things up. Typically best-sellers have a sort of montage effect to their gig images.

Your gig description (for your invoice-creating gig) is fantastic, but you want to capitalize the first word in points 1 and 3, as you did for 2.

Create some more creative, value-added gigs like your custom invoice offer.

Best of success to you.

  • Make sure your gigs have nice, relevant images.
  • Send your 10 proposals daily
  • Make sure your proposals are all original and clearly address the buyers requirements
  • Share your gigs on social media
  • Keep your response rate to messages high. Always respond!
  • Bid LOW, Under budget. Once you get a few jobs/reviews you can charge more.
  • Once you start getting your first few orders things really start rolling along. Goodluck to you and be sure to checkout fiver TOS so you dont get into any trouble :sunglasses:


Thank you very much for your advice, They’re really helpful. I will do as you said and hope I can some more orders. Wish me luck.:pray:t2:


Thanks a lot. Appreciate it :grinning:.


Already they mention all the important points. I just want to say be patience and hopeful and keep promoting. It’s really challenging at the beginning. Today I just reached the level one seller. Best of luck