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Please help, I can not publish my gig


I am stuck on the gallery page of creating my gig and I can not save and continue on to the publish page. It seems like a glitch but I can not get any farther and I have tried at least a dozen times with the same results.


Fiverr appears to be experiencing some issues right now – at least for a select few people. I am facing a few serious display issues as well. I’ve submitted a bug/error report to Customer Support, and am waiting on resolution. If you are experiencing issues as well, I encourage you to submit a bug report to CS as well.

You can submit ticket to CS here:

After that, be patient. Customer Support will address your issues as soon as they can.


When i try to respond tgrough customer support it asks for a ref. Number or something like that. And it wont allow me to submit…lol


I think, it is asking for Order Number , yes it compulsory to enter but don’t worry, just enter ‘Nill’ over there and submit the ticket.

I hope, this will help you to make the ticket go right away to CS!


Just save and try with a different browser.


When I made my gigs, I went to the gallery and could not (save&continue).

why this problem? Please help me.