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Please Help I Don’t Understand! - Fiverr

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Oh look, yet another person who stole other people’s work instead of including samples that they did themselves.

What I don’t understand is how you expect to fool anyone with the website of the image you stole for your gig still there in plain text. :thinking:


You just joined in July, which is not more than 5 days ago! You’ve got to be patient, and of course put your work on your gig page and not anyone else’s.:face_with_raised_eyebrow::expressionless::roll_eyes:


itz my own work lucycodex

All of your gig images are someone else work. You can easily find them on other websites. You even have contact details on one of the images…

You need to show your own work, not from somebody else.

ok tank your idea.i will do first

Hey ! What’s the problem ?

The name of your post and your content, together, they don’t mean anything. In the forum, please soecify what you are asking.

As a graphics designer, The quality of Presenting :gift: a thing is important.

i can’t get order what reason

i think now my profile better i change some onwer my design pic

what is your problem bro tall me

i want to take some order here

Keep marketing and send buyer requests. That’s the only thing we can think about now. Are you doing these?

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thank you. i will do that