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Please help! I forgot my security question! My phone verification won't work!

I’ve seen several topics emerge lately where people have either forgotten the answer to their security question or their phone verification will not work.

I know it’s frustrating but to be quite frank, I don’t see how you can forget your mother’s maiden name or the city of your elementary school. Write it down next to your computer, if you’re going to be fancy and use characters vice just letters.

I’m glad that there are security measures in place that make it difficult, or impossible, for us to obtain access to our account if we forget something so simple. A few days ago, I received notification that an account of mine was locked due to too many attempts.

I never click on a link in an email. I went directly to that site and try to log on and sure enough, it was locked. Once I verified my identity through my actual phone, email and one other identifying information, I was able to log on. There was a trail left behind by the other person. Who ever he or she was, tried to change my email and password - lived in another state.

So yeah, security measures work. I am willing to put up with some headaches to make sure my money, my social media accounts and any other accounts are safe. :grinning:


Gosh, I almost panicked seeing the thread’s title and that you were the one opening such a thread - I thought “oh my, Fiverr is kicking us all out” :smiley: Phew, what a relief after the good clickbait :joy:

Some have claimed to be using fancy symbols, and of course you forget the symbols and/or their order :smirk:

I bet those users’ mothers’ maiden names aren’t actually “F3l1c1A_1980_12_12_1.03.56am_$5$” :sweat_smile: :neutral_face:

It won’t be secure anymore if they do that, no? What if someone finds the note? :scream: :stuck_out_tongue:

That is really worrying :grimacing: :frowning:

I wish this kind of security was in place back in the days when I lost my Fiverr money due to being hacked :frowning:

Agreed. I’m still a bit paranoid about that account.

I get phishing attempts several times a week from various banks, PayPal, credit card, etc. “Your account has been restricted. Click this link to verify . . .” At least half of those banks- I’ve never had an account with. :fearful: