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Please help I just edit my gig then I lost it

This gig was in the first of (local listing) But I just edit the gig and I lost if from fiverr.
It’s no where found on fiverr…

What can I do

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See if it has gone in your ‘pending review’ section under ‘my gigs’.

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I checked it but not


When you click on “My Gigs” is it still listed as active?

What if he were an innocuous Nigerian prince who wanted to send millions to your bank account out of good will? You are totally blowing this opportunity to get in touch with him and get a share of his princely inheritance :smiley:

Got it!

You usually have to make some sort of “upfront payment” first before you get your fair share…not worth it yet…maybe for billions?

Yeah, but what’s an upfront of a paltry 20,000$ compared to the millions he is offering in return? He just wants it to be able to withdraw his inheritance. All he demands is my bank account password and login credentials and has offered to do all the work for me. Such a sweet soul.

That is why, unlike @emmaki, I wholeheartedly welcome people sending me private messages, especially Nigerian princes. They will always have a special place in my inbox. So what if a few of them forgot to send me my share? it’s only been like 5 years in the waiting, I’m sure they’ll send it soon.

I wish that it had been so interesting. It was this plaintive whine.

If someone wishes to give me billions of dollars for no reason other than viewing me as a deserving recipient of such wealth, then by all means contact me. I will take jolly good care of it.

Plus, I’d have a party.

@silkroute This is that “opportunistic alpha-attitude” that we all need on Fiverr! Cheers :smiley:

“no reason other than viewing me as a deserving recipient of such wealth”

lol “you always get what you deserve…” - Confucius or Yoda…:smiley:

I have ZERO sales to my name, what other euphemism could accurately enunciate that predicament other than ‘alpha’? :smiley:

contact customer support

we all started at ZERO…good luck :smiley: