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Please help! I need suggestions on my gig

Hello my friends, I have created this gig and optimized it to the best of my knowledge. I keep changing the tags from time to time. My Fiverr ranking is 2nd page for keyword realistic vector cartoon portrait. However, I still think there is something to be improved because I am not seeing the buyer requests.

I request you all experienced Fiverr sellers, kindly visit my gig and let me know what impression you get and what improvement you want to see. I will be very grateful to you guys!


There’s a fair bit of competition in this category, and not much demand, as far as I can tell. As for BR, you’ll only see requests in the Portraits & Caricatures category, and only if there are any requests placed.

As for the gig, your samples are good, but I have seen better. They’re by no means bad, but as mentioned, there’s a lot of competition.

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