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Please help I need support and it won’t take my order ID number!

I have an issue I would like to send to the support team with the experience I had, I enter all the required info and it says my order ID is invalid but I checked it 4 times and it’s right, I’m unable to connect seller after being promised revisions, my banner is damaged and I don’t know why, and I don’t understand why it say I can’t contact him anymore, anyone please help, there has to be a way to contact support if the system isn’t working right the picture should show where the damage area is, I don’t think he meant too, I just need it fixed, any help is appreciated, thanks! !


Hi - and welcome!

Are you trying to put the hashtag into the order ID box? Cut and paste it without the hashtag ( this thing: #) and you may find the box accepts it.

No I manually entered without a hashtag, the order is complete and I’m not happy with how it was handled, and when I file to customer support it just says invalid ID, but I’m typing it number by number, I have verified several times, it’s right, it just won’t take it, I have to be able to contact support some way, it’s been so long now it could be to late to get help, I’m so frustrated, I had to hire another person to clean up their mess to my channel, I have to be able to fix

That’s really weird, @zanew323. Have you tried sending an email to ? That might work - put the id number in the subject line.

There are few reason that you cant contact your seller.
i) Seller is no longer an active Fiverr user due to TOS violations or closure of their account.
ii) Seller blocked buyer Previous negative work experience.