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Please help, i stopped getting ORDERS like before [help review my gig and give feedbacks]

Hello everyone,

When i started on fiverr, things were rosy and everything was going smooth. I was getting enquiries every now and then and orders. To get client from buyers’ requests was quite easy.

After reaching level 2 in 68 days of starting. All of a sudden, i just discovered that orders and enquiries started going down. Am actively looking at how to get back on track. Maybe there is something wrong with my gig because i used to update my gig almost daily then.

Please i need your help on how i can improve my gigs to retain my positions again.

Please help me review my gigs and give feedbacks if you found somewhere i’m wrong. I will appreciate your efforts doing so.


Hi there,

I need some help too with my Fiverr!

I have found it INCREDIBLY hard to even get started because a year ago I missed a deadline due to incorrect emails on my account, and that rating has affected me so much that I have only had one job since!

I want to get up the rating and deliver the high quality work that I can do but I feel really held back!

How about, if I do a custom order for you for $5 I can go onto your fiverr and make note of improvements for you edit your descriptions to make you more customer friendly - this way we’re both helping each other out!

Let me know!

Best wishes from London, UK!