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Please help if you can - My gig views have gone down massively on my best gig

Earlier, I had a minimum of 5k(past 7 days) views on my gig but I had to suspend the gig for a little while because my college exams were going on. 2 months ago, I activated the gig again and it was ok. But since the past 5 weeks, I have noticed that the views have gone down to 450 and as a result my orders have drastically decreased. I really need the money that I can earn here and this is a big blow to my earnings. If anyone has gone through this before and may be able to help in any way, I will be grateful.

Thank You.

Did you have 5k views on a regular basis, or just in the beginning? (I could imagine that the first time you create a gig, it gets delivered to more people on the homepage under “new and noteworthy” for a while, thus creating higher views.

Other than that I realized that fine-tuning your title and keywords can increase views. Also, try to promote it outside of fiverr. I’ve been experimenting with that recently and it seems to have a positive effect on the sales.

Good luck!