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Please help! I'm new to

I have set up one gig as a seller. However, when I ask friends to check if they can see my gig, none of them could locate it via search. Is this a bug or I have done something wrong? Please help me.

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It’s definitely there - just looked at it.

Depending on how long it’s been up, it may not yet have been indexed by the algorithm. That can take up to 24-48 hours. Give it a bit of time.

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Thank you for checking. I have posted the gig more than a week ago. Please can you tell me how you managed to check as none of my friends managed that. I also search without logging in and could not find it. I can only see it via my login. Very grateful for your help direct me.

Well, I’m logged in, too … you can look for it in a private/incognito browser to check.

If not, try checking that it’s active, using this link:

Sometimes it comes up as active in your profile, but is still paused if you use the tool. If that’s the case, contact CS and ask them about it …

Thank you again. I clicked your link but it took me to normal login page not ‘support_tickets’ as I was unable to initiate a ticket on this matter since last week. I have checked that the gig is indicated as active on my profile. How else can I raise a ticket? what is the best way to contact CS? I went to “help and support” but was unable to submit the problem after filling all the required information.

Well, you have to be logged in to use the link. I just did it.

From the page the link takes you to, click the drop down and work your way through - it will then check your gig and tell you whether or not it’s active.

Thank you for your help. I have now been able to submit issue to the CS. Will wait for their response.

Hlw dears im new seller on fiverr but i dont have any oder .i also make 2 gigs for make 2D home plan…what i do for get order

You use a search first on this forum. Before doing any sorts of “gig posting” its generally best to do a proper research first, instead of creating a gig and then ask around how to boost it up. :slight_smile:

Do not hijack other threads - especially ones that are months old to ask your own question.

If you want others to critique your Gig, make your own post in the “Improve My Gig” section of the forum.


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