Please help in getting my first order


Please help me in getting my first orderI have tried alot but nobody replies.

Please give suggestions I really need Help

We cannot help you “get your first order”. YOU need to do that on your own. YOU are responsible for your own success.

Have you learned how to use Fiverr? Have you read the 'Help & Education" section at the bottom of any non-forum page? Have you read the Fiverr Blog? Have you read the thousands of great tips and advice already posted here on the forum? Have you marketed and promoted your gigs to the target customers who need the services you offer?

YOU need to do these things if you want to be successful on Fiverr. Your gigs are YOUR business, not ours. Take some time, research and learn how Fiverr works, and then apply what you learn to the management of your gigs.

Good luck!


It’s a good suggestion.


I’m going to be blunt and honest with you.
I’m really of the opinion that anyone who makes one of these threads simply doesn’t have the mindset that a successful freelancer needs to have.
There are already a lot of posts on this very topic. Anyone who makes a new one didn’t look through the forum, and probably didn’t do any other research, brainstorming, or experimenting. When you didn’t get your first sale right away, you put this question out there. Those aren’t the behaviors of a scrappy ‘figure-it-out-myself’ kind of person, and that is the kind of person who will find success as a freelancer.
You didn’t need to do very much to find the answer to your question. Just search the forum. The fact that you didn’t do that tells me that this may not be for you, and that’s okay! There are lots of other things that you could do other than freelancing.