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Please help in my security question


Im forgot my security question.I have already applied too much but im not able to solve it.


Submit a ticket to Customer Support:

They will tell you what to do.


Obviously we cannot help you with such a security matter, because we’re simple users just like you.

This is an issue that can only be taken directly to Customer Support, and make sure you prepare some identification because they will ask you to confirm that you’re the rightful owner of the account (there were too many hacking attempts in the past)

Also, like @junaid_m said, don’t do it again and again, because that can raise some suspicions :wink:


Don’t do it again and again…take screenshots of your account and contact customer support…If you have fiverr card then its better to share its picture too. I hope they will respond positively


Lol you’re right… :grin:


I did it.but they said you try to remember your answer.


I have payoneer card.Can i share my card picture


They are the only ones who can help you.

You shouldn’t share it on the forum. You should share it with Customer Support if they ask you for it.


Yeah It can be helpful its a proof. Ask them that you signed in fiverr months later and forget your security question. I hope they will respond positively.