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PLEASE HELP.. Inability to send my earnings via paypal

Hello all, i am currently having problems transferring my funds to Paypal. I don’t know what to do with this. I am getting a message that a verification email has been sent to associated Paypal for withdrawals. But when i check my email there is no message. When i check my spam folder, there is no email from fiverr. Any advice? Has anyone experienced this too?

I have received this many times but when i check my email, no mail from fiverr

Check the SPAM folder:) i just make a request and i got the email

dexblog is right. Only one time, my verification email was in spam box. So, check spam box and it should be there.

Reply to @dexblog and @jamshed_khan i checked my spam folder and no mail there

is for sure the right email?

@dexblog Yes it is the right email. i have also tried to ]change the email. still the message doesn’t come

Reply to @dexblog and @jamshed_khan i really appreciate your help. Am sorry i was the one who was checking in the wrong email. This was my first withdrawal in fiverr. so i was kind of…am not sure how to… but thanks for your ideas. Have just got it right. Wow

Same problem with me, please fix solve this admin. :frowning:

@dollarsman1982 check if you are using the correct email

@dollarsman1982 you can also check your spam folder. I had the same problem but now i am okay. I hope you will be okay soon