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Please help, its really important


I have made an order which was “according to the description” take 10 days. I have waited 6 day and i saw the seller changed the status to delivered. But…instead of deliver he send a message i will do your order in few day. I send him a message and try to cancel the order but nothing, he is ignore me totatally. Because he change the status to delivered and ask me to wait, the gig will change to completed and i will dont have any chance to get my service or my money back. Every time when i click on the reject delivery work, or to request cancellation the website is redirect me to the conversation page, so its some bug in fiverr. Im totally lost now, because i cant cancel and the guy will run away with my money. I wrote a ticket to the support but 15 hour and still no response, and the guy getting closer to get my money. What to do???


i tried today on 5 different computer, and the same result. I dont mind to wait, but after 2 day the staus wil become completed because i "could not cancelled"and he will get the money. I want to cancel or reject the work because he mark as delivered but then he ask me to wait…so its really nonsense. I ask the support but no answer.


hey hey i just managed to reject the work, and ask for a cancellation.

bachas85 said: 3.2 If not, Sign out of your Fiverr account, and open it again using a different browser. And try asking for mutual cancellation once again.

Can you Please explain this?
I mean changing browser does it achieve something in fiverr????