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Please help its urgent

146 reviews but gig ranking is zero

i am level one seller but my gig does’t found in first 30 pages.why?
even i search my gig with exact mt tittle but could’t find my gig.

my impressions,clicks,views going down to less then 100.

is there any idea about it?

here is the link of my gig

Have you edited it recently?

Why is it urgent?

A lot of people have the same “problem”.

We have level 2 sellers complaining that their gig is not on the first page and you are even level one seller. On top of that we don’t know your performance and statistics because mostly gig ranking depends on your performance.

Also if you have impressions but you can’t find your gig it means that other people still can see it. The system decides to whom it’s going to show the gig. Would you rather see your gig yourself or it to be shown to a potencial customer?

If you still think of something wrong you can go to fiverr help page, open gig help and it will show you if your gig is active or not.


yes i have edit it recently

i contact to the customer support and are saying your gig is active.

now let me know what should i do? any suggestion?

Customer support already gave you an answer that there is no problem (as expected)

And for the rest, like a bad rating, I already gave you an answer in my previous reply :point_up: Perhaps you might want to read it again a bit more carefully and also what @ahmwritingco asked you. Changing your gig might take it out of the search for some time.