Please Help: Lost FEATURED option for my best selling Gig


Hello all,

I just noticed that i have lost FEATURED option for my best selling gig.

Right now all my impressions, clicks, views everything falling down.

How can i get some orders? how can i get my GIG FEATURED again.

Please help.


It’s great you were featured - well done!

However, the status doesn’t last forever - they pass it on so somebody else’s gig can be featured.


Why is that? i’ve never been featured but why you lost it ? did you had cancellations or late delivery’s? or miscommunications with buyers? maybe they had reported you that might be the issue for loosing it. btw how did you get featured ?



in 2012 i got Featured as i have many sales, but i don’t know why i lost it. Hoping for the best


Brother, you have to understand that two things you want - getting TRS and getting featured, is in the hands of Fiverr editors. None of us can help you with that, and nobody knows how to get this done. They can give you this privilege or take it away. There is nothing you can do, or anybody can do. You can only think about things that you can control. Just keep doing good work and provide excellent customer service to your clients. And yes, diversify, don’t be too dependent on just one source of income. Find an offline job, one that is suitable for you, perhaps in a small startup, where you will get easy working conditions. Even if you make Rs. 10,000/month from it, it is worth it. I am not a family man like you, so I can’t say I truly understand how difficult it is for you, but I know the situation in India and I can empathize. Don’t worry about things that are not in your control, do what you can and what is possible. I have been in very dreadful conditions myself, but have come out of them thanks to God. I am sure you can as well.


Really, it’s not funny. This is your first post that I didn’t like.


How about this:


That aside, your gig was “featured” for 4/5 years? Then I do understand a good amount of frustation.


You think this is a joke? It’s a man’s livelihood at stake and you make fun of that?


Well, I don’t think fiverr allocates an infinite amount of featured gigs. So, eventually they have to shuffle and remove some, no?


If he spent half the time he spent moaning on here about his misfortunes on his work, perhaps he wouldn’t be in this situation? See how he’s panhandling you–the only really sympathetic person in this post, yet again–for work. Sometimes, people don’t need sympathy–they need a kick up the arse.

As far as I know, you only lose TRS and featured gigs if you’re not performing well enough. OP: my advice remains the same as the other post you did about becoming a TRS again: put one of your large family out to work instead of making them all depend on you. Moaning won’t change a thing, nor will it bring back your TRS/Featured gigs; that’s just wishful thinking. Do the work, and don’t stress out about stupid trinkets and badges. Now, go and do something to improve your work situation instead of crying on the forum and waiting for Uncle Writer to “there, there” you.



Thanks for your reply, yes i will ask my family members to support me and yes i will not seek any help from forum or fiverr. i will do my best work and i am sure i will be back with high selling TRS one day


@emmaki is right. Badges and featured gig matter but not that much. Like there are some level two sellers who earn more and they dont have TRS badge or featured gig. I am receiving a nice volume of orders every week and my reviews are just 130… So that dont depend on that. It depends on the quality of your work.Focus, Focus and Focus on your work.



yes i will focus only on my work now. will do my best work and deliver quality end product.


I was referring to the fact that I had posted a comment, and everybody ignored it, not about the OP’s gig not being featured - sorry you took it the wrong way @writer99025


Sorry, I apologize for that…


Thank you - happy cake day!