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Please help me account is restricted

Hi can you help me,My Account is currently restricted by our Trust & Safety team. I put claim on paypal, about my order. i took claim off. now my account is currently restricted. I sent message to customer service to help me out.

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People here on the forum won’t be able to help you, we are just Fiverr buyers and sellers like yourself. You’ll need to wait to hear back from Customer Support to find out whether or not they will reinstate your account.


nothing, no reply from customer service and says resolved on ticket.

As I mentioned, your issue can only be resolved with Customer Support, so regardless, you will need to speak with them. There is nobody here on the forum with the power to reinstate your account. You could reply to the ticket or submit a new one if you don’t feel that your query has been adequately handled.


When you put a claim on Paypal, also called a chargeback, fiverr bans your account as it says in the Terms of Service. I’m afraid your account on fiverr is permanently gone.


The policy says this though, so if the claim was taken off, I guess that means one gets another chance, depending on circumstances and discretion of support:

Avoid filing a dispute with your payment provider for your orders, as this is not in compliance with our Terms of Service, which may also result in restricting your account until those payment holds are cleared.