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Please Help me again

my account has not been working for 25 days. please need help my all Forum Member…There is any problem with the gigs. Please Open and See my all Gigs thank you
Below Link

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You really need to improve your English. Your gigs are full of grammar errors and it’s really hard to understand what you’re trying to say.

Buyers are wary of working with someone who may not understand what they want and they probably aren’t going to spend extra time looking at your gig trying to figure out what you mean.

Also, you have an overlay image covering the top half of your profile image. It’s off-putting.


Your “I will transparent or remove background of 60 images in 24 hours”
gig image says “24 Hours Fast Delivaery

Technically only your premium package offers background removal of 60 images, and that’s for a 2 or 3 day delivery (not 24 hours) so your gig title is misleading.

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humanissocial Thank you So much For your Tips:love_letter:

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Okay thank you Dear .I’ll fixed it

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You can use some online tools to improve your gig grammar and writing style. Search for them online. I hope it will help you in better communication.

okay thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

[humanissocial please tell me I have problems with all the gigs?

go to and make your content better.

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sehrishirfan I had no idea this grammar . How can use I do it?
Please Tell Me

Click the “check your text” option for the grammar check.

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.option for the grammar check.then What will come later ???

After you click “check your text” a page is shown with a big text entry box near the top of the screen. You can enter or paste your text into that box and then click “free check”.

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Simply go to its website and read the instructions. You can download it on your system and activate for browser or word.

The person you are addressing seems to longer have an active Fiverr account and hasn’t been on the forum for almost a year’s time.

Replying to old threads has a habit of doing this.

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oh I didn’t check and I was only responding to every notification. thanks