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Please help me any experienced Seller Thanks In Advance

First, take my love. I don’t get any sales. But I always active on fiverr. Please check my gig and give me suggestions on how can I improve and get sell. My gig link -

Thanks In Advance.
Murad Sarker

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Re-thinking your thumbnail might be of use. Labeling yourself as “best seller” with just one review will perhaps make some people skeptical. I would remove most of the logos covering yourself and make the design of what you can offer on the right side a little more simplistic/sleek. It’s a good overview though.

Also, i wouldn’t recommend starting out with such a high price for your basic package. Build reputation and increase your price with time.

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You mean you don’t get sales, not you “don’t get sell.” These kinds of grammar errors really deter buyers.

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Thanks for your valuable reply.

Thanks for your valuable reply. it’s a mistake.