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Please help me! Buyer solicited revisions and is not answering (+6 days order delay)

Hello, so the problem goes like this: a buyer asked me to adapt to APA style 10 documents. I asked for the amount of pages, she didn’t give me a clear response so I budgeted an average amount. Both accepted. Until then it was a normal order, but then trouble started:
She then sent me 11 documents, I let that slide through because I thought it may be a mistake and the budget I made could handle it. My bad, I regret it now.
When I opened the documents, everything was basically plagiarized. I sent her my concerns and told her that I could either write suggestions for her, or paraphrase some quotes myself for an extra fee. She chose the latest so we added that.
I made everything and delivered 14 hours before deadline. I am always very careful with my job since failing could cost the buyer a course or something worse, so I always try to do my best and be on every detail. This time was different.
She came back to me 3 days after the order was delivered (it wasn’t closed yet for some reason) and asked for a revision. Apparently, there were a lot of thing unquoted and some APA errors. This estranged me, so I decided to run a double plagiarism check: first one reading every reference (again) and comparing the quotes to the papers. All good here.
Since I couldn’t find some of this papers to read for free, I asked her to please send me the copy she used so I could check this out. She said she would but never sent them nor answered my other messages. I was getting nervous so I took an incredible amount of time to find some sources and finally could find said papers. I checked and fixed whatever I found.
The second checking was with a scanner, because I realized something might be wrong besides what I already had done twice by then, and here I found there were a lot of texts that weren’t even referenced, and I didn’t know she hadn’t listed everything she used because she didn’t let me know in advance.
I fixed this all, I even went far and beyond to do it honestly, and delivered in less than a day. She then, 3 days later, asked for a revision to ONLY tell me “I and revising them, I have four left”. I left a day go by and asked her if everything was ok but she’s not answering. This was 2 days ago. And the total delay is 7 days and counting. I don’t want this to ruin my gig, I’m putting a lot of effort on my metrics.

What do I do here? If I deliver again without waiting for her answer, she might cancel or just ask for a random revision to talk to me. Please help me, I’m feeling really overwhelmed by this situation. I don’t want this to ruin my gig, I’m putting a lot of effort on my metrics and on giving a good service.


Ouch. Honestly, I would have gone straight to Customer Support as soon as the documents were shown to be plagiarized. Huge red flag. I’m tempted to say ‘cancel it’ anyway. It sounds like academic work.


I didn’t realize I could do that. What I did was quoting everything correctly and paraphrasing some quotes to make the text more fluent. But those 11 documents are basically one big list of direct quotes. I don’t even know if she will pass the assignment because of obvious reasons, I’m just hoping she doesn’t blame it on me ( I do not write academic work for others and I covered myself telling her I didn’t change the content and explained why). I should just take this order and money as lost, shouldn’t I?

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Fiverr Terms Of Service:

source: Prohibited Services - Fiverr's Community Standards

As it is, you are already at risk getting banned from Fiverr. You need to immediately contact CS, admit you’ve made a mistake, apologize, and ask them to cancel the order.

I hate to say it, but you might be banned anyway. This is a BIG offence.

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Really? My gig is for editing APA style. I never had a problem before, I only cover APA formatting and fix documents to fit APA formatting ( font size, correct quotation, fix references format, etc). Is this illegal on fiverr? It is academic but not academic content intended, just academic format. It’s proofreading and editing basically. I thought it was legal since fiverr even has a section dedicated to this. I’m starting to get scared!

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It’s still cheating, as the student isn’t the one doing the work.

And it’s illegal in Australia, so yes that makes it illegal on Fiverr, due to Fiverr being contract work.



Thank you! It never occurred to me the fact that I should ask what the paper was for before accepting an order.

I revised my past orders and I was lucky enough to only worked on the papers fiverr allows, I also always stated that I do not change writing styles and nothing content related to everyone I worked with before, and I always rejected those “please do my homework” requests because it’s unethical, and is something I am strongly opposed to.

I will put a disclaimer on my gig and start asking before allowing anyone to place an order. Thank you for opening my eyes!

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Unfortunately, you cannot stop someone from placing an order first, but you can take the issue to CS any time you find someone asking you to break the rules.

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