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Please help me buyer want to cancel order


Hello Everyone,

Last night I got one order from a buyer but he did not complete the requirements but at morning he sent only two file which were useless and after 1 hour he text me
“Can u cancel order please. I dont have everything i need to send u”

Kindly tell me what I can do now


Keep in mind the order countdown :mantelpiece_clock: will not start until the Buyer submits the required info.

As long as you had the mandatory boxes checked :white_check_mark: via the requirements page.

So, cancelling the order is not needed. Try your best to avoid a cxl, communicate with your Buyer that you are patient and will give him/her time to gather the information.

If the order :mantelpiece_clock: started, you can request an extension via the resolution center.


He submitted the requirements but that are useless


So, do you want to work on this order or not?

If you don’t feel up to it then cxl.


Yes I want to work on it but the buyer is not responding


Okie Dokie!

Maybe the Buyer is busy trying to gather the deets, just give the Buyer more time to submit useful information. Outline exactly what it is you need. It’s annoying when Buyers don’t have the requirements ready, it delays time. I see you just joined this month and a cxl fresh out of the gate is going to sting.


okay thanks but if he don’t agree to increase time then what should I do ?


Curious what’s the delivery time set for this gig?


going to end in 5 hours


Yikes! :grimacing:

You’re definitely running out of time, I’d say give it a couple more hours. My :crossed_fingers:t4: the Buyer responds to your request.

If the Buyer declines the extension, then the clock will work against you. Just communicate professionally and let the Buyer know that important it is to complete the job.

Just an FYI~ Don’t deliver blank deliveries, which is against the TOS. If time is running out just cxl the order, otherwise a :one::star: auto-failed to deliver system feedback will appear.


okay thank you so much for guiding me


You’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

Feel free to post an update! :pineapple:


thanks client is agree to extend the time
Many thanks


YAY! :tada:

I’m happy for you! :smiley:

Cheers! :tropical_drink:


Yes you are star who guide me properly
Many thanks


yes good she guides you properly


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Remember that avoid for cancel order. It impact your profile which is not good for get order

If you work his work 100% so do it. If dont so you asked the client sorry i cannot do it and give useful information which client understand it.
Always remember that you dont send cancel to the client convince the client and tell him cancel the order and return your money