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Please help me check out my gig and profile

Please I need some with a sincere heart of brotherhood and experience with fiverr to help me go through my profile and gigs and drop a comment of their observations concerning my profile & gigs. Here is my link;


I checked a couple of your gigs and I would add a list of things that you offer with that gig, not just your experience, Also add some basic FAQ that you think your potential buyer can ask, i.e:

Q: “How long would it take to proofread 500 words?”
A: “X Amount of days/hours”

Hope this helps.


OK, thanks a lot Gabriel for your honest response. However, I wish to ask what you think of my gig videos are they okay?

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They were a little bit hard to understand for me

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Try to sync your profile picture and videos. Your profile pic shows a young woman. Your videos show a young man.

If I ordered from you, I’d have no clue who I’d be working with.


go to profile and click in gigs thanks

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