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Please help me deal with this angry customer!

So, I offer honest and unbiased advice as a Gig.

This man tells me he would like my advice. He buys the Gig and tells me this big long story about him and a girl that he has been talking to since 2011. In his details, he told me that he would pay her to come visit him, but when she arrived she would tell him that she wasn’t in a relationship with him despite emails discussing marriage and kids. Then she said she was with another guy.

My honest advice was that she seemed like she wanted to continue playing the field instead of settling down. He accuses me of being “prejudice” because he says I said such a thing because “shes Russian” even though her nationality had nothing to do with that assumption–it came from the facts he gave me!

He reacted in this fashion about a lot of things I said, completely twisting my words and misunderstanding them. Now, he is demanding I refund him or he will write the worst review ever made.

This is my first review. And I did exactly as I said–I gave honest advice. I didn’t judge anyone. I read the facts and I told him what I thought and gave him advice from many different perspectives on how to deal with them. I even did research for this Gig. And now I’ve got a very bad review.

How do I recover from this, and how do I deal with his consistently harsh and constant messages to me?

No this is not what your gig is promising. I mean people want to hear an honest opinion but this guy clearly had an issue hearing the truth. Don’t let one bad buyer bring you down :wink:

People will pay more and be happier if you tell them what they want to hear.

It will take you over 100 positive reviews to approach a 100% Rating again. You may try something that has more measurable results. That way the customer and Fiverr can measure the results more easily.

The minute there is dis-satisfaction, you can offer a refund through a mutual cancellation and there will not be a review.

It is going to be difficult to get orders with your rating. I really hate that for you, but it is going to be a long haul.

This is a guy you has a hard time hearing the truth. You will learn you cannot make everybody happy. Agree to a cancellation, refund the money and move on. It’s not worth the negative feedback which will impact your business. Sorry you had such a bad experience but everybody experiences this from time to time. No worries and good luck :slight_smile:

So am I supposed to tell people what they want to hear instead of giving honest advice?

Unfortunately, he has already finalized the order and written a very bad review. I received a 100% review just after from another person, whose order I delivered a few hours before the bad review was written. Hopefully more people will trust that good review.

It may be a competitor with a rogue account looking to hurt your stats before you even get started. When I FIRST started out a few of the other musicians order my gig and wrote bad reviews, it didn’t make any sense but i soon found out what was going on. The small 5$ investment to ruin stats helps them earn more and diminish other up and coming competition.

That’s awful @customrapsongs… but I guess that’s the reality here. I haven’t had any experience like that coz I only try to sell to those with buyer accounts only. And if so they give me a bad feedback, I would rather refund (specially if it is just $5).

What I end up doing so I won’t have to deal with disputes and losing hard work is that I add watermark to my delivery, if they reviewed it and accepted it, then I’ll deliver the ones with no watermark. That way you do not lose hard work coz they get it for free and you see them later on using it. I know it’s more work but it’s the best process you can do to protect your work.

Now for @DanniTravis, it would be helpful to add a little note on your gig description that the gig will be based on your honest opinion – you really need to reiterate that part over and over, trust me.

But to be totally honest to you as well, to resolve the issue you have at hand, just refund the guy through mutual cancellation and it will be gone. It’s just $4 lost, you’ll get more from other that will appreciate. Just improve your gig page to add as much details as possible, or like what others say, change it to something more measurable.

Also try to add warnings to really honest opinion part and say that that is your subjective opinion, it may be something that they don’t want to hear. So at least they are warned.

I wish you luck with your fiverr gigs!

I guess you’ve chosen a difficult topic for your gig. Your target client is someone who has issues in managing a relationship, so maybe the percentage of clients also having problems managing a seller-buyer relationship is a little higher than in other gigs.

I’d send him a message offering a mutual cancellation.

Good luck!!

People will pay more and be happier if you tell them what they want to hear. 100%

Ok, I read your gig description… this is where you have an issue:

" I am skilled at coming up with unique ways to deal with problems and always willing to lend an ear. I’ve been through what feels like every emotional aspect of love and can offer empathetic advice based not only on knowledge but on personal experience as well. For just $5 I can give advice and tips as well as creative ideas on solutions to common or unique problems and road bumps in a relationship."

Then going off and telling someone the other person just wants to play the field isn’t really that empathetic and it also does not suggest creative solutions.

In a situation like this, I would think you would say how sorry you are to hear that he feels that she is not taking things seriously and to go within and understand what his own goals and desires are. Ask him has he actually proposed and given her a ring? What are his timeline plans? Help him get to see the real picture and take some concrete action and then to be prepared if she says no and to know that you are a wonderful person and the right women will be there at some point, but if you want to get married, go for it and ask. (then he will find out for himself, it’s hard to tell some guy that he is an enabler and subjecting himself to being played or being emotionally srung along or abused). But to simply just tell him she wants to play the field, that is not helpful, nor what your gig seems to suggest you offer.

As for reviews and refunds, it happens. Every once in awhile you will get a customer that does not like something and asks for a refund. It happens, give the refund and move on and work on getting more clients and more positive reviews, don’t let it get you upset.

That being said, are you licensed or trained to give relationship advice in anyway, or jsut doing this from personal experience? I think what others have said are true, many people don’t really want to hear the cold truth, most people pay to have people tell them things they want to hear, but there is an art to telling someone things gently and offering solutions along the way.

Reply to @belengarcia: Agreed.