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Please help me determine the value of my gigs. Is it expensive or cheap for Fiverr?



I’m joined on Fiverr in September and in January put my first gig for sale. After a couple of weeks, I gained a level one. But now for some reason orders decreased in numbers. Maybe I greatly raised their cost? But how much do you think should be quality work cost? What’s wrong I’m doing?

I would be grateful for your comments! Thank U!



Reply to @teerika: Teerika, thank you so much!


Reply to @deemee46: When you relax, it will happen. In the meantime, think of another gig to create, something that people who would buy your FIRST gig would also like. So when they buy your new gig, they will look at your FIRST gig as well.


Reply to @teerika: thank you! as for me - it is better to do one job for 50 than 10 per 5. But how long to wait for fiverr solvent buyers? Where they are? I was not wrong with the place?


This usually happens when you increase in price. Everyone wants the lower prices. I keep raising my prices and just wait for those who are willing to pay. This isn’t my only source of income though. You have to set a standard for yourself and don’t budge. If you are willing to lower your fees so you make SOMETHING, that is okay too. But I wouldn’t.


@deemee46 I looked, and you have an outstanding product. Do not be afraid of whatever you are charging. It is always better to do more orders than one big one. This helps your stats and your visibility. That is where your orders come from. Your visuals are stunning, so once you start showing up in the category pages like recommended and high rated, people will naturally click on you. Level 1 naturally slows down for sellers, I don’t know why. It is a good time to go to Buyers Requests under the Sales tab, and submit your gigs to requests that fit. Then, you will reach Level 2 very quickly, and from there, you will explode! Good luck.


Reply to @webtelly: Thank you so much for your valuable advice !!!