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Please help me figure out why my gig keeps getting denied

Hi, new to fiverr, I’m having a recurring problem I can’t figure out.

I’m trying out a simple editing service in which I improve or touch up people’s landscape photographs. There are similar services already on fiverr so I assume it’s okay to do.
I can’t see anything in the terms of service that I’m violating here; all I’m doing is offering editing of a photograph. I’m making it clear that I’m not making anything original.

Yet, 3 times in a row when I submit the gig, it keeps being denied, with the reason; " * NOT AN ORIGINAL IMAGE OR DESIGN (DESIGNERS)".

The DESIGNERS part makes me think that it’s because I’m putting it into the graphic design section, it assumes I’m just making original content, but I’m making it very clear that I’m not. If it is this, where else am I supposed to submit my gig to, because I see no other categories related to it, and if it’s not this issue, then what could it be?

I may just be being dumb, so please let me know if it’s obvious. It’s driving me nuts.


What image are you using for an example? If there’s some algorithm that identifies photos, is causing the problem, maybe edit two images into one? Might pass muster.

(Dumb&dirty) example:

Hi, thanks for the reply.

I’m using 3 example images, all of which are two images edited into one to show what I can do.

That’s one there. Do you think that’s causing it?

Huh. No clue. Sorry, I can’t help with that. Only other thought is, maybe add a thin border?

Completely unrelated to your question: Lovely image and great example of what you offer, but usually the before/after are left/right sides respectively. If the image itself is still modifiable, maybe switch which side has the edit, for better aesthetics. If you can’t, maybe reverse the image and crop the words and rewrite?

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Ah no problem, might have to ask customer support.

Thanks, funny thing is my other two have it the correct way round, I just thought the left hand side looked much nicer after editing in this image, so that’s why I put it that way round. Might as well swap it though, what else do I have to lose lol?

Do you own the rights to the image used?

The problem may be whatever images you are using for your gig. If they aren’t your own Fiverr may take issue with that.

Also, remember that even if you are using an image you have a right to use, there is no way Fiverr can tell if you also have the right to doctor that image. Often in rights you can use a photo, but not doctor it.

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Yes, I own the rights. They’re all my own photos in the examples.

Okay, so what’s the solution then? It’s unfair for them to just assume by default that I don’t have the rights and just automatically delete it.