Please help me find a good logo


hello i am fairly new to this site and i have not had the best of luck. I play nba 2k17 and i like to upload 1024 x 1024 images for uniforms and arenas for my game . i have posted different requests and i cant find the right person to get my logos completed . the problem with the orders i get is there does not seem to be creativity to the design of the logo , maybe i am not choosing the right seller. i need one that is familiar with this game to understand what i am looking for . i am looking for a logo for the team that i could use on the uniform and a 3D symbol that is used for the team . any help with this would be awesome thanks


Please message me and we can talk more about it.
Thank you.


Hello i am ready to make logo for your game


It is hard to find logo creators on Fiverr. Unfortunately it’s a very popular category for people with no skills. You could try putting something in buyer requests though I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that.

When I looked for a logo designer for a business I used to have, I found a bunch of people I thought might work out for me (on my first attempt I picked a few new sellers but that turned out to be a disaster so unfortunately I wouldn’t recommend that).
I ordered a $5 minimum gig from 5 sellers at the same time. I gave them a clear description, and sent them some links to other logos that I liked the style of.
Only one of those sellers came back with something that had potential. I then went forward with that seller, but I was prepared to go out to another bunch of 5 sellers if necessary. There are good logo designers on Fiverr but unfortunately 1000 positive reviews doesn’t seem to be the only indicator of performance.


No order required working with me because i have very high success rate in first or atleast in second attempt. So if you want to try the service for free don’t hesitate messaging.


wow, they are literally giving it away for free…


thank you that is `great advice i will give that a shot


What’s the name of your team and how exactly do you want the logo to look?


click here

there are lot of good illustrator out there
you should contact them :slight_smile: