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Please help me fiverr forum all members

I am a new on fiver. I complete 2order. Main problem is, my gig no vie, no click, no impression. Please help me how to solv it.
Gig link:

Your service is very common here.
and this kind of services doesn’t have any Strength Point at all…,
All of “NEW DESIGNER” could do this services.
There are tons of them here…, and all of them offer exact service.

My suggestion: You should offer specific services that has your own talent. If not…, you will have hard time gain any order.

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Come on. Did you read a big orange banner on the gigs page right on top the gig impressions? That banner that clearly says that it’s a bug.
Did you even try to search this forum first?
Every second topic on this forum is asking why impressions are zero.

It’s pretty annoying and quite disrespectful to others to ask them to explain to you everything when you didn’t put any effort into reading.


Thank you ridwansugi.
Your suggest.

The frustrating thing is that every third or fourth person on the forum is now asking that exact same question, it’s ridiculous!