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Please help me. Fiverr has restricted my account from contacting [TRUNCATED]

Please help me. Fiverr has restricted my account from contacting ( chatting ) with my customers. when customers come to make pre-order requirements, they leave immediately because i cant chat with them due to the fact that my contact feature was disabled

NO ONE here can assist you with the matter.

Just open up a SINGLE ticket with Customer Support and wait for their response.

There is nothing more to it.
You will have to forgo all potential clients while CS responds to the ticket.

Good Luck. :thumbsup:

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this is a big problem. thank you

Please help a fellow designer. among the list of “submit a request”, which relevant subject should i select with respect to the problem at hand. am a newbie. thanks

Account support would seem to be the most suitable I think?

Now i have submitted my request. should go further by calling them with my phone. if you have or can access the phone number of customer support , please let me have the phone numbers so i can also call them

This just happened to me as well. I also lost $190 in revenue in the process. I’ll be checking back to see if you get this resolved!

big problem… hmmmmmmn

No - no phone number, just sit tight and they will get back to you.

No other job here. this is what i do to survive . Fiverr please put food on my table oooooo. Fiverr please help

It’s hardly the end of the world - they’ll sort you out quickly I’m sure.

You must have done something to have your messaging taken away form you. How about you have a read at the academy to make sure you follow all the rules:

It was when i mentioned “money” to a buyer via the contact section that i saw a warning message from fiverr stating that I will be restricted from communicating with buyers if i decide to take the transaction outside Fiverr . i.e . if i tell the buyer to hook me up somewhere else other than Fiverr.

Understandable - one of the words you’ve got to avoid using.

You saw the warning message, has it actually stopped you from sending messages, or was it just the warning? I’ve just been to your profile and the contact button seems to be working perfectly.

wow. Fiverr has finally enabled the contact feature for me. now i can effortlessly chat up with my buyers. thanks to Fiverr. you rock

thank you offlinehelpers

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No problem - good luck!

bros emeka no mention that kin word again for message section…ooo…:yum:

inspiredtony . i would like to know other related words i shound’nt use via the message section. help a newbie. thanks.