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Please help me! fiverr restrict my account for over 1 week now

Hello Fiverr Forum Community,
My name is Destiny and I am currently facing a very hot strong challenge presently. Last week Wednesday, I was discussing with one of my clients that wants to develop a bible mobile app and based on the features and requirements she sent me, I wasn’t able to have a very clear knowledge of some of the features and functionalities she sent me. So, I decided to have a call on WhatsApp with her to discuss and understand her better. She gave me her number and I called her. We discussed like 1 hour and after that, I understood how she wants the app to work. She then told me on the phone that she will be starting the project by March and will place an order on Fiverr with milestone payment and I agreed with her and also asked her to prepare full documentation on Fiverr to send me the next day to forward to my team to analysis together.

It was a surprise to me on Thursday around 5 pm my time when I received a TOS warning from Fiverr stating that I contact my client outside of Fiverr and unfortunately, they restrict my account immediately stating that because I’ve received multiple warnings from them.

Immediately, I contact Fiverr support and issue a complaint to them and also, explained everything that happened. When they reply to me, they said they cannot reopen my account as my account is being reviewed by their Safety and Security team. After like 5 days, they message me and say that they cannot reinstate my account back. It’s all like a shock and surprise to me.

Up till this moment, my account, Fiverr Support haven’t remove the restriction on my account. I cannot contact any buyer and all my gigs were removed. Its been over a week now.


AM TOTALLY FED UP. I would love to hear from you guys.
Thanks so much, @Destiny


So sorry to hear that, I think there is nothing to do now without opening new one after asking CST. :disappointed:

Why did you do something that is against the TOS? You probably didn’t even read it tho…


NO, am not trying to break any of their rules but they too stated it clearly that we can ask for personal contact if for the purpose of discussing detail project together. I don’t know maybe they think I want to do something else…

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why? won’t they restore it? I’ve got projects am working on presently

Contact details if they’re required to complete a gig - yes. To actually contact them using those details (outside Fiverr) - no.


If you do not know the rules of the site by reading the terms of service how can we help you? It’s unfortunate that you didn’t know the most basic rules.

Becasue you broke the rules, before starting to sell your services through Fiverr you should have read the TOS.

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You can contact on Fiverr help ( ). I hope you will accurately help from Fiverr.

please follow the rules of fiverr CS

No one can help you. Not only you broke the rules several times but Fiverr clearly told you, your account won’t be reinstated, and that’s final. Sorry.

If you decide to open a new account, you better ask CS for permission before doing it.


They restricted my 7 yr old acct just for saying hi to sellers so I could ask talk to them about there gigs. some of them replied me now I can talk to them back.