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Please help me for getting job in the fiverr

I am Photoshop designer and new here so I need some help and information how can I get job quickly.

My new gig

You need to hire a proofreader to correct your English. If you struggle with English try using less words, or see how other sellers are wording their gigs.

How good are you with Photoshop by the way? Can you make vector files? Can you make a powerful image like this?

Always sell within your capabilities. Then negative reviews will be rare.

& the feeling must go. » Changethethought™

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Reply to @fastcopywriter:

I just thought I’d chime in and show support, especially for this comment you made:

"Always sell within your capabilities. Then negative reviews will be rare."

I couldn’t agree more. This is very important, especially as I often see far too many sellers placing their desire for income above what they actually have the talent to produce. If you don’t have the ability to do what you state in your gig, don’t offer it as a gig here on Fiverr. Complaints about negative reviews are invalid if the delivered work is not at the quality claimed in the gig description.

Reply to @jonbaas: Thanks, that’s my philosophy.