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Please help me for improve my gig 😩 😩

Check my gig Please click on this gig link and please suggest to me what is wrong with my gig why day by day decrease this gig impression and clicks. Please help me. If you will help me I will very happy for you. Thank you. :smile:

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In your video thumbnail it’s got a row of 5 stars. I don’t think that’s allowed (it’s not allowed for gig images).

In the standard package it says " ◎Stander Budget". I assume you mean “Standard Budget” there.

It might just be because when you create a new gig I think it gives it temporary boost but now it’s not being given that boost. And/or maybe because more more and more gigs are being added to that subcategory daily so Fiverr is displaying those too so that may affect your search ranking/how often it is displayed at certain positions.


Thank you very much for your suggestion

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