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Please help me for my gig sale


hi i am zania .,with zony_sk,
i am very tired , because !
I have been in Fiverr for a long time, I am an SEO expert, I have arranged my profile with a total of 5 gigs. I opened this account in last September , but did not till date receive any order .
I gave all the gigs based on my skill .
The first was very good impressions, clicks, views on my account, but now all is going down.
So tell me you, how can , I get good work, how to get the order,. / ??? /?

please help me .,.
my account on fiverr


Try writing your own profile description instead of copying it from the Internet.

Also, if you’re as good as you say in your gigs, you can create your own website, use your SEO skills to promote is, and get sales that way.


tnx for your information .,.
but my description is my creating ,so its dont copy .,


Your profile description obviously looks like an offer sent on a freelancing platform, instead of looking like, well, a profile description.

I’ve found a very similar offer here, made by someone who isn’t from your country (scroll down and you’ll see it):

Another one, almost the same:

Here are screenshots:




sorry i am really sorry.,.
actually I bought some discs, there was this cover letter, I gave some edits from here, but I did not know that it would be copied. Thank you so much for giving me this mistake.
I’m changing it right now.


It might also be a good idea to use your own photo as your profile picture. The one you’re using now is a stock photo called “Portrait of a Pretty Indian High School Student”, and using photos of other people often makes buyers feel that they can’t trust you.


Fake profile photo, weak English skills, worst-explainer-video-ever…

I can’t help you. Based on your demonstrated skills, it wouldn’t be ethical.


You have changed it to another copied text. After a search that took a few seconds, I found parts of your profile description on two different websites.

Writing your own profile description means writing it from scratch, not stealing someone else’s and maybe changing it a little bit.


WOW…catwriter…you are good…just in one word “WOW”


Someone has to explain to me why it’s always SEO-experts who complain in the forum about this.
I’m not sarcastic, as this would get me flagged and banned. I’m really curious.


Probably because some “genius Fiverr guru” has made a blog/course/video telling people that they can make big money by selling spam links using x,y or z software that the “guru” helpfully has an affiliate link for them to buy.
In reality, these experts don’t have a clue about SEO or they would know that this spam link method of “SEO” is actually about 5 years out of date and simply doesnt work.

Still, maybe the Guru is a genius - he gets people to pay for his book/course, sells them something which they know is useless, and then walk away with no possibility of getting the blame for all the sites that get deindexed from Google because of the spam link software they sold.


Be patient
You will be ordered
Promote your gig on social networking sites
Then the purchasers will get


so , i can do it now ?


so , i can do it now ?


thank you so much .for information


What do you mean? :confused:


Promote your gig on social networking sitesTwitter


tnx… i do it now .,