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Please help me for new Gigs Creation problem

Hello all, I am cheap_seo12 new digital marketing seller on Fiverr.
I have 6 gigs of SMM, Forum backlinks, W 2.0 Post backlinks, Profile backlinks, Keywords research, Stumble and Diggo promotions.
I want create a new gig of Digital advertising, but when I save the gig then loading and loading. At sometime stop the loading but not save package step.
I tried many time but not improve this problem.

Please help me for this problem.

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I see you are a new user. New users can only make 6 gigs. When you become a level 1 you can make more.

Thanks sir for your reply.
Sir, I saw some new seller use 7 gigs.
But how?

If you are adding text description on your gig, make sure they are not over length, if you are adding video portfolio, make sure their size is shorter than 75 seconds and smaller than 50mb. Check if you miss something, do not keep unfinished. Before creating a gig, make sure all contents are organized. Upload them quickly. Do not take much time.

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Sir, I completed overview step but don’t completed pricing and package step.

I am a lady, not a man, so please do not call me “sir”. You too have 7 gigs. I just looked. the problem is that one is hidden to you, but your buyers can see it. Fiverr automatically makes a gig that says:

Need Anything Else?
I can create a custom order for you
Request a Custom Order

Look at other new sellers and you will see :eyes: that is the 7th gig. :smiley:

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If you have 6 gigs posted, you can do no more. When you try to create another gig then it will not load.

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Thanks Madam for your informations

Sir, why i can’t create my new gig. Please help me.

fiverr help me. i’m can’t create my new gig.

Have you gone through all the steps you need to so that your completion rate gets to at least 70% before you can put a gig up for sale?

If you have and you still can’t create a gig,please contact CS.