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Please help me friends

hello my friends, i am new to fiverr and i just became level one… but now i haven’t any orders i don’t why that and my gig is not appear in the search results.

could you please open my gig and help me to get “clicks” to get my gigs into gig results…

here is the gig links

thanks friends!!!

I don’t think people clicking on your gigs will help you. The gig links also can’t be posted in Conversations where you posted. Links are a form of advertising.

Your gigs may not appear in search because they are social media related. You can submit a ticket to Fiverr and ask,but if your gigs are not in their editorial focus you have to do your own promotions. Be sure to read the forum rules too. Good luck.

I think maybe it’s because you have two Gigs that are identical.