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Please help me, from 2 weeks ago i didn't receive any type of job :(

Please some one can explain me how to get back the projects :frowning: i think fiverr has blocked me

yah sales have been very slow. even my page views are going down every day :s

but CS says because of order cancellation but every cancellations because of buyers’fault :frowning:


Dont worry about it, its a dry month for most of the people...<br /> Just keep on Providing Good Services to your customers and try not to get cancellations for your orders. If there are any cancellations, try to make it a mutual cancellation so it doesnt effect your gigs and you`ll get your sales back sooner than you think :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, you’re not the only. :frowning: It’s happening to most of us, low orders. Idk what’s wrong, but this sucks.

sometime due to fiverr v.3

But fiverr need to more improve the ORDERING step, just some button for ORDER like CONTACT ME button place to that then we have to give the quotation or some box to put a tik mark then after that buyer visible ORDER botton this way will keep safe sellers from scam buyers

I am also not getting jobs. I am a new comer. Whet I first came to Fiverr I got a lot of jobs. But after upgrading version 3 everything changed. I am not getting any new jobs. I am requesting for jobs to my some regular buyer. They are giving some jobs, that all. No new jobs. I don’t know what should I do.

My sales were also low… Happens with me quiet too many times… But now I’ve found a way out. :slight_smile:

When I have low sales, what I do is exactly same what I did to be a level 2 seller.

Start offering smaller gigs (means quick work) at a bit low rates. May not be possible for everyone at all the times but this thing has never let me down so far.

Hope this helps you all too :slight_smile:

You should promote your Gig more on social media & try to increase some social media likes/shares/retweets etc.

I’m providing animation, but for my category, I can’t offer any low budget service it’s too hard :frowning:

Hi there! I took a look at your animation gigs, and think they look great. One small point I noticed, however, is that the writing in your descriptions feels as though it were written by a non-native English speaker. This could be possible cause of deterred business. I’d be happy to help you make some changes - feel free to send me a message on my inbox.

Otherwise, I’d just say to hang in there and keep updating/polishing your gigs!

All the best,


you meant should i re do the description?

are you providing that service?