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Please help me get orders

Hello friends, I am new on Fiver, the writing and translation section. I need to know how to get orders, please folks, help me out. i am grateful in advance.
Attached below is a sample of one of my recent articles.

You have 2 gigs and a bio that’s poorly written (why is everything in capital letters?). Not to mention the $300 gig that you offer is asking to bite more than you can chew.

You’re also in one of the most competitive categories on this site. Literally 1000’s of others offer the same services, and nothing in your services are unique, creative, or professional. Look at the Top Rated Sellers for comparison purposes. You’ll see an immediate difference between their gig presentation and yours. You have to do better.

  • Write, or have someone produce a much better gig and bio description.
  • Have a professional photo taken or logo made
  • Professional Gig videos help a lot

Moderator Action: .doc file deleted.

As I have already told you, please post samples of your work in your gig gallery. Do not attach document “sample files” in the forums.

Thank you so much Tenthtiermedia and Jonbaas. I really value your advice, and I will apply them.

Thank you so much Tenthtiermedia. I really value your advice, and I will apply it. them

I didn’t offer you advice, I presented you with a forum moderator warning.

Thank you Jonbaas all the same. i have learnt that, and I will make the necessary adjustments.