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Please help me how to get first order

Hello everyone i am new here on fivver.
I make a gig but not got any order please help me any fivver use.


I for we are the same sellers here on the forum and unable to help you to get an order. As you can see a lot of people asking here on how they can get first order. It’s your responsibility to convince buyers to buy your gig, we can not do that for you.

But if you need help with something else you can ask a specific questions and we might be able to help you.


I want to boost my sell but I am a new seller in fiverr

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you seem like me @sonuprasad487
promoting your gig for me is the best way to get an order specially in social media like facebook ads or even a group of people
you can chose buyer request so you can find people who are ready to pay for you service :wink:

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@sonuprasad487 , you have to make gig with appropriate images , tags and description, then you have to promote gig, and keep on sending buyers request as they are crucial in getting #firstorder
Good Luck

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best way to promote gig on social media like reddit, facebook,twitter,linkdin, instragram, youtube

Check this articles. Hope you will get some tips.

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Maybe you should read requirements again. To become level 2 seller you need to complete certain amount of days as a level one seller. So as minimum you didn’t fulfil that requirement.

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Check the linked arcticle by ajmila, is really full of tips.
Try to change something and improve your gigs.

If you have an Instagram account, if you link your Gig on your profile, you can provide more traffic to it and have more chance to get your first order.

However, marketing your gigs, in general, is the best way to get new buyers.

Hope the best of luck for you.


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it’s a very hard to get order. But if you have skills and Talent then it’s very easy for u to get order.
I hope u understand my Point.

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Hi, What do you sell?

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Sitting and waiting isn’t the answer.

Getting an order in fiverr is so hard like in the real world.

My suggestion is. Stop asking and start doing. Find your public and promote your services there.

If you don’t know this, contract someone who does.

But the first step would be starting by FIVERR, not FIVVER.

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Graphic Design work
business card design
logo design
Photoediting / background removal
Screenshot editing

Okay, Thank you so much for replying me.