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Please Help me How to get my first order?


hi i am a new seller for fiverr. My Service is Background removal. please help me how to get my first Order?


Read seller tips on the academy and send offers on buyer requests. You just need to be patient. It took me a while too to get my first order. Good luck!


Yeah, it definitely takes a while but posting your gig in the forum, submitting to buyer requests and just sharing your gig on social media will get you there!


Thank you very much…


Thank you very much…


You’re always welcome and welcome to Fiverr :slight_smile:


you are a newbie right?

so now think like a buyer," this seller is a newbie so why should i order him/her? there"s a lot of experienced sellers so why would i take risk?"

now your turn , " i am offering exceptional services within a low price which cannot be given by him/her? i am talking with you by giving my level best respect.i can give you not only work results but also better advice which will be helpful for your project .etc etc…"

i hope you understand.
thank you


:+1: your advice is very important to me.
Thank you so much


thank you too and please your English have to be proper.


Thank you very much for the help and i will do my best :slight_smile:


Also in Fiverr Forum there are plenty of threads related to this topic where sellers shared their experiences, tips, etc. When you have a time go through these threads. I’m sure that will help you too.


I am a new seller too and waiting for my next order. Your advice made me realize what I am doing wrong with my offer to buyers. Thank you for sharing :smile: