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Please help me! how to get orders it takes more than 1 month

Please help me? How Can I get orders it takes more than 1 month. I Create Many gigs, promote on social media sites, or much more but still I don’t Have Order.

Here’s The Link My Profile, Please anyone know so check my profile and tell what’s the problem: My Profile


Big problem:
I see an image with a watermark on it. I didn’t bother checking, but I have a strong
feeling you just found that online.

Another image I actually did google search and again it seems like that is an image
you found online.

If you really have 4 years of experience, you should be using your own original image.
4 years should be long enough to create an decent original portfolio I believe.


Thanks For Reply.
You Right, I Change It Now.
But Business Card Gig Images Is My Own.

Me too i am also new here.