Please help me, how to sell for easy


hi there, can you help me , allright i come from indonesia and i here new member or new seller on fiverr, i think how to sell or easy or me product can sell, i am sorry if my speak in english is bad :slight_smile:


We would love to help you out, but the typos are making it difficult to understand you. Please use a translator program and then correct typos as best as you can before launching to ask questions on the forum. If we can’t understand you or your services, chances are neither will buyers.


Are you trying to learn what kind of product you could sell? If so, just figure out what your talented at! There are thousands of unique jobs offered here on Fiverr! Once you find something your good at and you think could hep others, then your off to a good start! Good luck with your endeavors here on Fiverr.