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Please help me i am in big problem [MARKED AS SPAM BUT RESOLVED]

Hello Everyone,

Today morning i get message from Username : aaa. she providing blog commenting services and continue begging for work i refuse many time. but she is bagging. and continue bagging. i refuse many time. she is talking in local language after this i get again 1 more message from one user and she/he is same country like last user. Username - bbb i see her profile and she is doing same work like last user doing. then i clearly told her if you are going to beg work so i will not help. then after this both user put my message to spam. now I am getting Message from Buyer and I am trying to open that message then I am getting message like this.

"Messaging disabled! One or more of your messages was reported as inappropriate or spam. Please contact Fiverr support to resolve this issue."

Even I am not able to deliver order . Please help me Guys and also Customer Support. Please get jealous and do such work.

Thank Y

Sheriff’s Note: Issue worked out with seller and resolved according to OP.

Hey Mallika,

This is tragic! I’m so sorry to hear that someone else’s spam has caused a delay for you.

Contact Fiverr as soon as you can with the issue.

To prevent this next time, simply mark the received message as spam. You only need to reply once to receive credit for the response rate. The moment you’ve realized they’ve crossed a line in the Fiverr agreements, report it. Prevent becoming a victim

I promise that the community here is behind you, and Fiverr knows how important the community is. They will help you and everything will be sorted.

Again, I’m so sorry to hear this and hopefully the speed of this can be escalated for you. I’m sure you’re missing out on value as we speak.


@madmoo Admin Please help me out from this issue. my delivery going late.

@fonthaunt (admin) Please help me out i am in big trouble. not able to open message and not able to deliver.

Please tell to support to response me faster.

only customer support solve this issue. you can also send proof for customer support then after consideration customer support definitely help you. Thanks

contact customer support for enable your acc back, i’ve met this 1 times.

How to get response faster from support.?

@mallika255 If I were in your position and personally couldn’t reach my buyer, I’d probably have someone send the link to this thread to them via message with a brief summary.

I’m not sure if Fiverr allows this though, so another option might be to use the ‘request cancel’ option and fill in details about your particular issue. You can even request that they reject the cancellation but understand that you are currently experiencing tech issues.

It may harm my buyer how i go to support all work ready here. but not able to deliver.

Issue marked resolved.

mallika255 said: Now my issue solved

Reply to @thusie:

Thank You very much. I already done open a ticket the Both User name. I always take care of Fiverr TOS even i message i told to that lady I am not able to go against Fiverr TOS. I am concern about My late delivery. I did 950 order till date without any late delivery. I am really in problem … and waitin for fiverr support response.

Reply to @mallika255:
That’s not how it works. The forum mods only maintain these Fiverr forums. The individuals at Customer Service are the only ones that can help you with this particular issue. They don’t read these forums. Please contact CS and be patient. They’ll address you issue as soon as they can.

Reply to @mallika255: Support may take longer on weekends.

Reply to @jonbaas:

I did to support first then came here. but support take long time to response. and my delivery going late. I am really in big trouble. my work ready but not able to delivery really people who dont have work play with seller like me.

Reply to @flatpp:

I am in big trouble thats the reason I am tagging people who are admin here. may be they will push to support and it will work. i dont know what to do.

Reply to @mallika255:
Like I said, the people you tagged are not Fiverr Customer Service employees. They do not have the power to fix your problem. They only moderate these Fiverr forums. They are unable to make CS respond to you any faster than normal.

I’m sorry that you’re facing this dilemma, but, unfortunately, no one on these forums is able to fix it. You need to be patient and let Customer Service sort it out as soon as they are able to.

Reply to @jonbaas:

I hope I will back from it. I am really in big trouble. Fiverr must have to read chat when someone put as spam. we can make anybuddy easily make problem for anybuddy.

I see both User are from same country and also from Same Services.

Reply to @webexpert1313:

i did everything if they take 2 days to response then my profile will spoil and my buyers too. thats the problem. I know I am right but time gone. Please customer support help me asap.

Reply to @dusuacangmon:

I know they will but my delivery going late thats the reason i am in concern.

Reply to @mallika255: fiverr customer support team have too many tickets now days thats the reason its take too much time. you need to contact on fiverr in facebook and send ticket id, then he/she will respond on priority basis

Reply to @webexpert1313:

I did that too. I dont use facebook so with the help of my friends facebook i send them the request id. i did every possible way to tell support to solve it faster.