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Please help me i am new here

Hi there,

i need your help guys as about 10 days ago a buyer directly ordered on my gig and he wasn’t have the necessary things to get started with his project when i asked him he simply said that he doesn’t have this and said that to cancel the order i extended the delivery time now the extended time is over what should i do know please help me i have attached the screen shot


The order time has finished
you should send the buyer time extension if he agreed then you can carry on your work

Note that if the buyer disagree he can review you now

Contact customer support. they will help you.

Why didn’t you ask for the buyer’s order details when he placed an order? Did you not have order questions for him to answer?

If you allowed the order to start without requiring the buyer to provide order details, then it isn’t entirely his fault if the timer expired first. You need to be proactive, and YOU need to make sure he provides the information for your order (via order questions).

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When he said he didn’t have the information you needed and told you to cancel, then you should have cancelled! Why didn’t you?

And Jonbaas is right. You should have requirements that the buyer can fill in before the order starts. This is indeed your fault.

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i already set requirements :slightly_smiling_face: before his order

Just release the buyer.

They will give a bad review if you continue to make revisions that they do not want.

Because their own concepts do not know


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