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Please help me, i cant make withdrawls


i can’t withdraw my money to my paypal account.

it’s says “Withdrawal Failed”, why ?

and also “fiverr revenue card” button is disabled.

help me please, thanks.


Has the 14-day clearing period passed?


Hi there,

Available funds must have minimum of $24 to withdraw from payoneer.



I had the same problem this morning, hoping to hear back from CS after trying to withdraw to Paypal this morning.


Reply to @eddiethornton: yes


Reply to @online_db247: i have about 120$


Any help please about paypal ? And what about fiverr payoneer card, how can i get it ?


The Payoneer card is only available to people in certain countries. support will be able to tell you if you are eligable or not as well as help with your PayPal issue. If you haven’t submitted a Support ticket, here’s the link. If you have, just update your old one.


Has this issue solved? Also can I know which countries fiverr supports in withdrawing money to our pay pal accounts