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Please help me..I can't to delivery


I face a problem. My buyer is waiting but I can’t upload my files to send. When I attach all files than this massage shown to me. But why? Please solve this problem as early as possible.


Seems your files are not attached, dude…


Attach those files again from chrome browser you will be fine.


same massage show, and same problem


You can upload it to google drive and send the drive link in the delviery or if there is time left you can contact CS and they will sort it out for you.


This message is usually displayed when you have not attached files to “source files” section.

You must have attached files to “delivered files” section only.

Try delivery again after you’ve attached source files.


already attached a source file but when I send it , show the same massage ,


Try what @saifalipro mentioned. Upload to google drive and share the link in the delivery box


It should fiverr bugs. So simply create a ticket on Fiverr Customer support


Thank you , I want to solve this problem,