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Please Help me... I got the order for the 2D drawing park design where I included 3 modifications

Please Help me…
I got the order for the 2D drawing park design where I included 3 modifications.

After completing the drawing as per buyer’s requirement, I sent the PDF file to him.

We cannot provide CAD files for our business. I sent the CAD file after the buyer requested me several times. Now, the buyer is sending me corrections one by one. Sir, what should i do now ?? This order was only $5. Now, I don’t want to do this.

The buyer’s modifications are as follows:

1st REVISION REQUESTED: send me pdf not clear.
2nd REVISION REQUESTED: i need the pdf without hatch in cad of grass and write names on each design elements.
3rd REVISION REQUESTED: I need 3d views of this how much add to this order.
4th REVISION REQUESTED: design is good but i want 3d of it other wise we don’t understand the work.
5th REVISION REQUESTED: HI DEAR WE ARE VERY CLOSE PLEASE THE CAFEE AND THE OTHER MEETING ROOM BUILDING IS VERY SMALL PLEASE LARGE AND add indoor children games like i sent pictures one big hall for children area indoor.

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It is clear that the buyer asked to be charged for the third revision as they knew it was extra.
You should’ve communicated with them about this 3rd one in particular and sent them an offer.

Anyways, your gig says 2 revisions, so you can tell the buyer to pay extra if they want extra revisions (unless you didn’t do what they asked for like the indoor children games room or whatever.)

Good luck.


Thank you for the replay. However, The buyer is not paying me extra for correction and this order he is not done at this time.

They don’t have to pay for correction. If you didn’t do your job, they can keep asking for revisions until they get what they paid for. However, if it is an extra work, you don’t have to do it for them.

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Sir, My order is now in “6th REVISION”. Do I put it this way now?

You’ve done the two revisions your order offered… refuse to do any more for free. By continuing to complete revisions for free, you are letting this guy take advantage of you. Your gig terms are clearly marked. If you have provided what you offer, say “no more”. If he wants more work from you, he will have to pay for it. If he chooses not to, then his order is complete.


Of course. :slight_smile:

Add an “additional revision” extra to your gig. Yes, given that you sell $5 services, the additional revision will be the $5 as well.

Add this to your gig description, in bold and all caps: “No unlimited revisions”, “No free unlimited revisions”, etc. Whatever you’re comfortable with.

Kindly refer your buyers to your extra and your gig description if they attempt to take advantage of you in this way in the future.

If they want something they didn’t order initially (I would consider turning 2D into 3D an example of that), politely tell them that you don’t provide these services and kindly refer them to your order description to remind them what they’ve paid for.

Don’t be afraid to say: “It won’t be possible”, “I don’t provide these services”, “It’s outside of this order’s scope”.

It’ll help to deal with these buyers in the future.

In your current situation, I’m afraid you put yourself in the corner by being overly accommodating for no reason. You can either cancel the order and block and report the person for abusing the system or refuse to do any more revisions and see what their answering move would be. They can a) leave a bad review, b) try to cancel the order, c) abuse the revision button forever, d) leave you alone (which, surprisingly, happens sometimes).

There is a risk, take your pick. But DO NOT do any more work for them. Have some respect for your time and your skills. It obviously isn’t going anywhere, they’re obviously abusing the system because you gave in in the beginning and I highly doubt they’ll pay any extras. Why would they, they already got 2 rounds of revisions and 3D out of 2D from you for free.


I appreciate your input and feedback. Thanks.
This discussion has now ended. Thanks again every one.

You may want to remove “sir” from your profile description if you’re interested in attracting female buyers as well.

In any case, I hope your situation was resolved in your favour.

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