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Please Help me.i have one payoneer card

many days ago I have a Fiverr account but unfortunately, this account rejected by, nowadays I use a new account, I want to withdraw my profit in old account, but I have one Payoneer master card, but that card adds in a new account.My question is: I can add my Payoneer card two Fiverr.its possible or not?

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You can ask Payoneer support to disconnect your Payoneer account from your old Fiverr account, and then you’ll be able to safely use your existing Payoneer account for the new Fiverr account.

No .I think we can’t Use One Payoneer Account to Two Fiverr Profile’s

If your old fiverr account has been rejected then i think you can’t use that old account any more.

you can contact Payonner Customer Support and ask them to connect your card with the new account. Why would you need the old account when you are earning on the new one!!!

Use your Old account to purchase a gig from your old account. You’ll loose 20% and it will go through that long (meaningless) clearance duration. but you’ll have some of your profits. Adding two accounts to one payoneer card is very risky it is possible that you end up loosing both accounts.

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