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Please help me...I have some trouble with my first order

Hi. I’m a new seller on Fiverr and a couple days ago I placed an offer on the Buyers Requests section, and this guy wowmobilequebeq just placed this order

Let see what you can do whit this one

Is it a scam? What should I do in this case? How can I avoid these scams? and

What should I do with this order?

Thank You!

I had to transcribe text from a brochure into a Word document. Buyer sends me to that site. How I get rid of it? because there is no brochure. Tks

While it’s not ‘technically’ a brochure, it’s of the appropriate size and the right amount of text.

This is (probably) basically what he’s selling.

Possibly just a fuel line cleaner. They sell ‘tune ups in a bottle’ at stores. They work, for a little while. Some can contain harmful chemicals that will damage your engine, but over the short term will improve gas efficientcy. Some don’t.

I’d say deliver, there are tons of other people making the same claims, I wouldn’t worry about it. Just do your job and know that there are tons of other products like this. You’re not responsible for how well it performs, he is. It doesn’t sound like a scam to me, it sounds like paying $5 to save $2 worth of gas. Though, as gas prices go up ‘some’ of these things might actually become useful. The ones that won’t damage your engine anyway.

All in all, it sounds pretty normal and compares to other products already on the market, IMHO.


I responded to a buyers request. The customer placed order without messaging first and says he will send the audio later to trasncribe. what do i do?

Just inform the buyer the u have some pblm creating the designing. and if he wants then you both can mutually cancel it.:neutral_face:

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Is that a reply to me? I don’t understand what u said…

I tried to search that person up.This is what I got.

And then I realise that it says 3 years later. Whoops. A bit late :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::joy:

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